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Complete Constant Frustration - Cigna Review

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Complete Constant Frustration

the amount of time and effort I have had to spend to get 2 simple preventative “100% covered” procedures paid for has been beyond ridiculous! Multiple phone calls to Cigna, the doctor, the lab, the radiologist and everyone else involved have been exceptionally frustrating. And I’m still not done---I have to contact someone else AGAIN!! I have no control over who the doctor chooses to use to read blood work, tests, x-rays, etc. and I spend hours trying to resubmit and get all of this corrected. In the meantime-Cigna has the ability to take whatever funds they feel necessary from my HRA & FSA whenever they want. I then have to do all the clean-up work of getting my funds back based on the incorrect billing codes and mistakes made by all the facilities and providers involved in the “routine” physical and the “routine” mammogram! I pay close to $4000 a year OUT OF MY POCKET for Cigna medical coverage before any deductibles or co-pays. My employer pays you thousands of dollars as well. In return, I get frustration, hours on the phone, multiple incorrect bills and wasted time trying to get things corrected for the 2 “preventative” procedures we chose to use last year. Yes—last year---over 3 months have passed and STILL trying to get the mistakes corrected. Once again, I’ve been told to contact my doctor and have them “resubmit” which they have already done. No one takes responsibility for this—they just send whatever they want to the next provider and then I’m left with a bill for someone I have no idea who it is and what they did! Simply getting through the prompts at the beginning of a phone call to Cigna is inevitably difficult just because the automated system doesn’t understand half of what you say! After finally getting my HRA funds back after 3 months of trying, I was told I still had to pay for my prescription and then ask for a reimbursement by Cigna pharmacy! Really? I don’t think so. So after asking multiple times I was finally transferred to someone else who said they would submit it again. Why is it always so difficult? Maybe you should really consider HELPING your customers by giving them suggestions such as making sure your provider uses the correct “preventative” codes for preventative services that are covered. How would I know to ask that? Believe me, I do now! Why does your website always run so slow? It is often down for maintenance. Maybe take some of those thousands of dollars you’re getting from me and upgrade your website so it’s a little more user friendly and faster.

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