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Lied About The Services Included In My Policy - Cigna Review

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Lied About The Services Included In My Policy

I have found out that the sales representative lied to me about 2 different items. I signed up for a health and dental plan. The sales representative told me that I would pay 15$ for generic perscriptions and 30$ for name brand. The reality is that generics were in fact low priced, but the name brands would cost me full price and Cigna won't cover any of it. I found out yesterday that having dental insurance doesn't mean squat. I had a filling pop out and could not eat or drink anything because of the pain. I made an emergency appointment with my dentist only to find out that Cigna doesn't cover emergency's until after 12 months. I have insurance exactly for emergencies! I fully understand not covering elective procedures but to not cover emergency procedures, that is absurd. I then called customer service to try and deal with the dental situation and was given the run around and told that the only way I could attempt to get Cigna to cover the procedure was to write an appeal.

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