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Awful Customer Service - Cigna Review

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Awful Customer Service

I was diagnosed with Crohns disease and degenerative disc disease about 4-5 yrs ago. I take my medication like I'm supposed to and usually have no serious problems, aside from terrible pain. The illnesses would hit me out of nowhere, but usually I was able to bounce back. This latest time, however, it left me unable to work. I lost an extreme amount of weight and was hardly able to walk because of nerve root impingement on my siatic nerve. My case manager seemed very nice and helpful at first, but upon receiving my physician's statement, she failed to call me when she needed him to fill out additional information. This greatly delayed my claim moving through the process. After calling to check my status, she informed me that she needed more info. I immediately called my doctor and requested that he fill out the paperwork again, and not miss any sections. I called my rep and she confirmed she received it and said she would be making a decision to extend it that very day. After not hearing anything back from her, and not seeing the approval on, I called to see what the status was, only to be told that now she needs the office visit notes! It would have been done already if she would have said that the first time. I called the Dr. again and they faxed it over to my Cigna rep. I told her that if my employer didn't receive the approval for the extension by Monday at 11, it would affect me getting a paycheck. She said she would work on it as soon as she got it, so it didn't mess up my pay. I called on Friday to see if she had made any progress, but no answer. I left about three messages on Friday, then Monday began calling again. I continued to call Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, steadily getting more frustrated because of her lack of commitment. She called Thursday evening at 7 CST to tell me she had not received the fax of the office notes! I called the Dr. office as soon as they opened Friday morning and they faxed it again. I called her to confirm she had it and she said she did. She was going to review it with the nurse and she would call me back around lunchtime. Again, I waited around for her call that never came. Finally around 3:30 pm I called her and she stated that she had the decision ready, and that it was she needed MORE INFORMATION FROM MY DR! She said they were unable to read the information that my doctor wrote! It has been over 3 weeks since I have received a paycheck. I have a 6 year old daughter to take care of and bills that have to be paid.

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