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Cigna is the oldest stock insurance company of the United States, whose roots can be traced back to the year1792. It can be related to the founding of the Insurance Company of Northern America. We provide our customers many services and employee benefits, along with other expertise, that helps in the improvement and productivity of the employees. This company has a comprehensive portfolio of different services that includes pharmacy, behavioral, dental disability and life. We are the leading provider of health care and other related benefits that helps to keep the work force quite healthy and productive. We have a wide range of benefits, that includes flexibility of the users future planning and growth, and also the support and choice of the customers. The stock of the company is traded in three stock exchanges in the New York Stock Exchange, Philadelphia Stock Exchange and Pacific Stock Exchange. It provides the public with accurate information and also timely assistance. There are many times when the media is also invited to browse through our newsroom in order to get more information about CIGNA. There are wide range of employers, who are able to create integrated benefit solutions.

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More About CIGNA
There is a consolidated Shareholders equity of $ 5.4 billion and also assets of $ 44.9 billion as on the year ended December 31, 2005 and revenues worth $ 16.7 billion. Today the company is said to be the largest investor owned health care, and also related benefits, that are offered through the workplace, that includes health care products and also group liability for life and also accident insurance. Most of the health care operations are insured and at the same time self funded, in order to support the consumerism and also the health advocacy solutions. There are different kinds of health care operations that range from some of the largest United States Corporations, to the other small enterprises that include employers, and also multiple employers. We are also providing modular benefits for all its clients that include medical management, disease management and other health advocacy charges, for multiple health care vendors. There is a consistent set of services that are made to address the clinical and administrative inconsistencies that are quite inherit ant in the vendor approach.

Cigna has also been providing many kinds of dental health products that include the managed care, and other indemnity services. These dental products can be purchased, and can also be integrated with other products of CIGNA. These customers are provided with 24 hours assistance, through a very secure site that is known as of these dental care products are available in the 36 states and also in the State of Columbia. Most of the dentists who are associated with this network, will be receiving a monthly-predetermined fee for the services rendered. The members are responsible for a fixed payment. The other services that are provided by us, include the following:

  • Behavioral health care benefits, along with health care management
  • There are drug coverage plans, both on stand alone basis, as well as in conjunction with the different medical products.
  • There are offers mail order, telephone and online fulfillment services.
  • There are a number of sales representatives, who sell medical cost containment and also manage health care services that are related to insurance companies.
  • They are known to be marketing short term and long term insurance products, in all the states.
  • They are known to be marketing the short term and long term products and services of many of their subsidiary companies.
  • There are also special kinds of insurance benefits that are related mostly, life accident and disability insurance. These insurances are made to many schools and financial institutions.