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“Chubb” is used for promotional purposes, and refers to the member Insurers of the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies. The Chubb Corporation is a holding company, and was earlier known as Chubb Group of Insurance Companies. It is a publicly held company since the year 1967, with the share listings at the New York Stock Exchange. The headquarters of the company is located in Warren, NJ, with more than 120 offices in around 29 countries of the world. Chubb Corporation is said to be employing 11800 employees, along with 8000 independent agents and brokers who provide customer services, worldwide. Chubb has a long-standing principle of “Never Compromise Integrity”. The company today has a flourishing business with more than US $44 billion in assets. This company has grown up to become one of the leading global insurance organizations that receive some of the best ratings, of the rating agencies.

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Who We Are
We are a specialist insurance company, not only dealing with industry specific products, but also traditional products, that help to develop unique services, in order to help people reduce their Insurance risks. We provide property and casualty insurance to different individuals and small business houses. Our business is usually built on relationships, with the help of independent agents and brokers. Today, we are considered to be one of the leaders in property and health insurance, not due to our size, but due to our longevity.

We are always dedicated so that we are able to provide you with a long lasting relationship, and also be the best with what we do. We also provide you with excellent loss control advice, so as to ensure superior quality of customer service. We have expert professionals, who help the customers to reduce the losses involved in the work place, at the same time the personal appraisers help to determine the accurate replacement value of the assets, so that you are provided with the right amount of coverage of your property. Customer satisfaction is our main aim, and we always listen to our customers, so as to develop a better kind of understanding, in order to protect them from the business risks.

Chubb History
It was the spring of 1982, when Thomas Caldecot Chubb, along with his son Percy, commenced an underwriting business, in a district of New York. They had collected $1000, from around 1000 merchants, who had started their venture, and later shifted on the venture of insuring ships and cargoes. Towards the end of the century, they were able to establish a strong relationship, with the different insurance agents and brokers, who were successful in placing the business of the clients with the Chubb Underwriters. The Chubb Corporation was formed in the year 1967, and was listed in the New York Stock Exchange, in the year 1984.It is considered to be one of the top traded insurance organizations, that is based on the revenue in the United States. There are as many as 11800 employees that are located in different parts of North America, Europe, South America and the Pacific Rim. There are around 8000 independent agents and brokers of the company, who are located worldwide.

More About Chubb
Chubb has emerged to be a leader since 1982, when it started its business of providing different kinds of property and casualty insurance services and products. It has a team of 8000 agents, who work round the clock, to provide some of the best customer services to the clients. We are now the 10th largest property and casualty insurer of the United States, with a network of 120 offices spanning over 29 countries and staffed with 10800 employees. In the year 2005, the company had reported assets, worth US $48.1 billion, and of revenues of US$ 14.1 billion. On the basis of the revenue of the year 2005, Chubb was declared to be 156th largest Corporation of the United States. It was during this time only that Chubb was thought to be the Most Admired of the American Companies.

It is a simple task to business with us, as many Chubb Underwriters staff our network, claim specialists and also risk engineers. We provide you with 24/7 claim service and on line risk and insurance services. We make all efforts to follow our policy, of never to compromise on integrity, and treating every customer in a manner that we desire ourselves to be treated.

There are three member services of Chubb that have become a few more insurers who are known to achieve the highest rating in the next 50 years. The senior debt of Chubb Corporation, has been designated A by Standard and Poor’s and A2 by Moody’s financial rating and reporting organizations.

We provide our clients with more than 90 insurance policies, along with an array of services that are known t be providing added value to our diverse population. We have the reputation of being the heart of most of the insurance programs, and ranked third among the US package policies. We deliver global solutions that are not provided from other domestic carriers. We have an experience of more than 25 years, and therefore considered to be largest underwriter of information and network technology companies. We have an expert team of risk managers and risk engineers, who shall provide you with an array of services that helps to minimize the loss potential of the customers. We have been the only insurer with property and casualty underwriters that is devoted exclusively to the financial institutions. We also provide our customers with a large number of offer bids, performance and payment bonds, to highly qualified and respected construction companies, along with surety products, that support the different kinds of constructions around the world. We also provide the services of support, to the construction and commercial surety industry. We have become the fifth largest surety company of the United States, having 19 offices in different parts of the United States, Europe and Asia/Pacific. We have the strongest reputation in relation to underwriting capacity and professional claim management, having insured the world’s most precious jewelry.