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Worst customer service ever - Blue Cross Blue Shield Review

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Blue Cross Blue Shield

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Blue Cross Blue Shield

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Worst customer service ever

Oh my goodness, I've never dealt with any business or entity with such horrible customer service! The left hand is not talking to the right hand. None of the $ I'd paid out of pocket went toward my deductible, because there were so many errors in the system. After making at least a dozen phone calls and being transferred a minimum of 3 times (and having to tell my story EVERY time)...I was put on hold with a man who was really going to fix the situation this time. I sat on hold for over an hour, and when he came back on to talk, we got disconnected. No call back. What? I went to the local office in my town and had to work my way thru a huddle of a half dozen people smoking outside the building, only to discover that the person I needed to speak with was out. She'd get back to me...still waiting.... Goodbye Blue Cross. You got one chance. Bring on another insurance company.

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