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Good Luck Finding a Doctor Now - Blue Cross Blue Shield Review

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Blue Cross Blue Shield

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Blue Cross Blue Shield

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Good Luck Finding a Doctor Now

Usually, I don\'t have to visit the hospital that often. I\'ve been a constant visitor of the ER and had to fight for every claim, but today was when I was so frustrated that I started researching for new insurance myself. I sprained my ankle about a week ago and today, its still in severe pain so I know I need to see a doctor to prevent further damage. They can\'t do anything for me but put it in a brace, but just in case, I wanted to make sure it wasn\'t a severe ligament tear. With the new changes to healthcare, I went online to find a doctor since I no longer need a primary physician. Well, their site blows and is a lie. I searched for doctors for about 30 mins with their filters and always came back empty. Finally I just searched for all and had to manually filter out what I could find. However, it turns out most all of those numbers listed are not for the actual doctor/hospital. It\'s for the billing center. I called 4 different ones before I realized none of these numbers would help me find a place to get an appointment. I called the number on the back of my insurance card and told the person I was having trouble finding what I needed. He got my information and asked if he could just email me the list he found. I thanked him and opened my email. Same damn thing. Not a single number listed is to an actual doctor/hospital. It\'s all machines asking for a patient number so I can get to the billing center to pay for services rendered. I finally gave up on them and went back to Google and called a few places having to ask if they were covered by my insurance since my site AND my service obviously can\'t provide me with that information. I never did end up finding anything but an Urgent care that could see me that was covered, just so I could get a refer to a radiologist. I wasn\'t willing to pay twice, especially an inflated price at an urgent care just to get a referral.

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