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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas

Company Overview
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS) aim to “be the best at providing health insurance in Kansas.” BCBSKS is the largest health insurance company in the state and provides a significant contribution to the state’s economy. The company is proud of its service history and looks forward to its tradition of serving the people of Kansas.

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BCBSKS began humbly in 1941 when the Kansas Legislature passed legislation to allow for a hospital service corporation. In 1942, the Kansas Hospital Service Association was incorporated, which later become Blue Cross of Kansas. Three years later, the Kansas Physicians Service was incorporated, which later became Blue Shield of Kansas.

Over the intervening years, the two companies continued to grow and acquire new subscribers. In 1983, they finally combined into a single corporation, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. Even to that point, BCBSKS was not a mutual insurance company until 1992 when the Kansas Legislature finally classified it at such.

Current Organization
BCBSKS is an independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association franchisee. Currently it employs nearly 1500 and covers over 880,000 either individually or through their employer’s group coverage. Overall, BCBSKS subscribers can see 96-percent of healthcare providers in the company’s service area, which extends throughout 103 out of the state’s 105 counties. This includes 99-percent of doctors and all medical facilities.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas

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