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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

Company Overview
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) is an innovative, responsive and efficient health insurance company that offers a variety of plans. BCBSILis committed to providing a high standard of integrity and ethics in business that fulfills their corporate citizenship responsibilities to the communities that they serve.

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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois has roots that extend as far back as the Great Depression. BCBSIL was created when a collection of business leaders noticed how even minor illnesses that required hospitalization were financially ruining families. These leaders saw the hardship on their neighbors and leapt to remedy it.

In 1936, a non-profit company called Hospital Service Corporation(HSC) was launched. This company offered an affordable pre-paid hospital plan which, at the time was a new concept. The plan quickly became known as “the Chicago Plan” and was one of the forerunners for today’s concepts of health insurance. It quickly caught on in Chicago and the HSC grew quickly to 36,000 members in the first six months. HSC adopted the symbol of Blue Cross in 1939 and then Blue Shield in 1947.

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans (for hospital services and physician services respectively) operated independently until 1975, when they merged into the Health Care Service Corporation. By 1982 all of the Blue Cross plans were merged with the Chicago based plan under the name Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. Other Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans joined the Health Care Service Corporation – Texas in 1998, New Mexico in 2001 and Oklahoma in 2005.

Current Organization
Today, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois is the most experienced health insurance company in Illinois. BCBSIL provides 6.5 million members with affordable and easy to understand health plans. BCBSIL is a division of Health Care Service Corporation and provides a high level of assurance and confidence for the members.

The Health Care Service Corporation is an independent license holder of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield association. The association on the whole provides health insurance coverage to more than 11.5 million members around the country and offers a wide variety of health insurance plans, life insurance products and related services.