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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia

Company Overview
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia (BCBSGA) has been serving the healthcare needs of Georgians for over seventy years. Together with its affiliates, BCBSGA covers nearly 3-million. The company maintains a high reputation with those subscribers by focusing on consumer needs and empowering them with quality healthcare choices.

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BCBSGA keeps this customer focus by continually developing products that meet the ever-changing healthcare needs of individuals, families, and their group sponsors. The company’s overarching intent is to create healthcare security for Georgians with intellectual, technical, and financial strength intended to keep healthcare services affordable and available throughout their lifetimes.

BCBSGA was founded in 1937 as the Atlanta Blue Cross Plan. In 1939 the Savannah Plan was formed, then followed by the Columbus Plan seven years later. In 1966, the Columbus and Savannah plans merged to form Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia/Columbus. Finally in 1985, Columbus and Atlanta merged to form Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia.

In 1996, the company converted to a for-profit entity, with Cerulean Companies, Inc. functioning as its holding company. Later in 2001, Cerulean merged with WellPoint, one of the largest publicly-traded healthcare organizations.

Current Organization
Founded in 1937, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia today covers 2.8-million Georgia residents and employs about 3000 in officesthroughout the state. Currently BCBSGA has a Large Group Division, which serves businesses employing 51 or more while the Consumer Services Division serves 500,000 individuals and businesses employing 50 or less.

The company also services more than 50,000 Georgia seniors and offers a number of specialty products including dental, life and disability insurance, behavioral health, and more.