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Avalon Healthcare

Avalon Healthcare, based in Florida, is one of the most innovative health insurance companies in the area. Offering health insurance plans for individuals and employers, Avalon Healthcare has affordable health insurance coverage solutions, designed for every need.

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Avalon Healthcare is known throughout Florida as the cutting-edge health insurance company that is able to keep up to date on all the latest changes in the health insurance industry. Their innovative health insurance plans include:

Avalon Healthcare PPO health plans with high deductibles that are liked to Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) and Health Savings Accounts (HAS).

Avalon Healthcare Focus Plans for groups that focus on the needs of the groups and companies enrolled.

Avalon Healthcare iFOCUS Plan for individuals, focused on the needs of each individual.

The HRA and HAS programs are financial accounts that are designed to help employers offset their expenses for health insurance until the deductible is met. They have the flexibility to manage the money as they see sit. The advantage of the HRA and HAS accounts is that the money in the accounts can be rolled over every year.

The iFOCUS plan reflects the level of dedication that Avalon Healthcare has for providing affordable healthcare insurance for individuals. Avalon Healthcare offers a wide choice of options with the iFOCUS plan, so that each person can have access to medical insurance that fits their needs.

Because Avalon Healthcare has flexible plans, they have the ability to offer individuals and employers the best health care insurance possible at the lowest price. This allows members to save money while making low co-payments for doctor visits, hospital stays and lab tests. Avalon Healthcare also has dental and optical options available.