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Avoid! - Assurant Review

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AVOID THEM. LIKE THE PLAGUE. If you have plague, you'll still want to avoid them, because odds are they'll argue with you about it endlessly and hope you die before your claim gets done. I had catastrophic with them for 10 years, never cost them a cent. Overnight they triple my rates, never bother to call. Yes, they sent a letter, but it looks exactly like every other age-step increase letter. So I didn't read it. I called them up as soon as I realized the situation and asked if they would like to refund the increase out of a sense of decency to a long-time customer whose given them $10000+ and never claimed a cent. Well guess what, they don't have any sense of decency. They don't give a rip about their reputation (its already terrible, as you will see if you compare reviews). Insurance companies with this general strategy deny claims. They contest treatments in contravention of their contract, and make you go to court sick or dying if you want to get them to pay. Its a *deliberate* strategy with your more scummy insurance companies, and these guys definitely qualify as scum. I strongly suggest you look elsewhere.

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