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No Coverage Just Annoyance - Amica Review

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No Coverage Just Annoyance

I've only filed 2 claims in 16 years. The last one was because muddy water leaked through an old pipe hole in my basement concrete wall when it rained and flooded a finished basement room. The seal failed. I was assigned a rep, but was told he wouldn't call back until he returned from vacation! When I demanded another rep, I got a very cold, rude woman who immediately said that I was not covered. I asked how she could say so without seeing the damage. Her response: Ground water damage is never covered! I kept saying it was rain water and she kept responding that it was ground water once it hits the ground. I gave up, disgusted, and told her that I would look for another insurance company. I called a basement repair guy myself. A week later, an independent adjuster called to see the damage. I was surprised. The woman had said claim was closed, not covered, and I had moved on. He said he was there because I had demanded that someone see it. He came inside, looked at it, and immediately repeated what the rep had said. He aggravated my wife and myself all over again for nothing. I asked how I could get coverage for this in future and he said I couldn't; that no H1 policy covers ground water and that I wasn't in a flood plane. I asked Amica for a 1-time good-customer discount on next year’s premium and they said “No”. The repairs totaled $613. I have a $500 deductible. For $113 they aggravated us twice! When I asked where in my policy details it said I wasn't covered, they directed me to a page (A, 2, B, 3, c !) that had legal double-talk which I had read and thought that I was covered.

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