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Legal Mumbo-Jumbo And No Coverage - Amica Review

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Legal Mumbo-Jumbo And No Coverage

We have been with Amica since 2006 and have been happy. In 2007 we had some heavy winds at our previous home which tore up the roof. After some going back and forth with the contractor, Amica agreed to replace the whole roof. At first they only were going to replace 35%. Doesn't make sense and our contractor made them see the light. Great! A year later I crashed my ATV into the back window of my truck while loading it up (yeah, yeah - it was raining and it slid right into it). No problem, they covered without a blink. In fact in 2009 our rates even went down. Life is good right? 18 months ago we moved in to our new home. Of course we stuck with Amica as our experiences were great. However, last week we discovered that we have mold growing in our crawl space. On a whim we thought we'd check out our policy to see if we have any coverage. Low and behold we do! We read and read and based on what the inspector was telling us (condensation) we're covered. Good because this can be expensive. Well guess what? No dice. Even though the policy clearly states that we are covered in one section, their adjuster says "well that's only covered if it comes from artificial water". Meaning your pipes. This is in another section that is like 12 pages previous.

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