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Upped My Premium By $600 After Small Accident - Amica Review

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Upped My Premium By $600 After Small Accident

I was involved in an accident which I couldn't avoid. I skidded 20+ feet on black ice into the car in front of me. He had stopped because he was cut off by another car. I understand that I have to take the blame, as I rear-ended him. He did not claim any damages. Amica appraised the damages to my car at $1,800. My deductible is $300. I knew my premium would rise, but I never expected them to raise my premium by $600/yr for what they call a "minor accident." I should have taken my car to be repaired without involving Amica, and saved a boatload of money. They screwed me for being honest. Then when I had questions about the new premium, the customer service rep was rude, spewed a bunch of insurance legalese words at me, and got annoyed because I still didn't understand what they meant by "waiver of deductible." I guess I can thank Amica for teaching me that honesty does not pay off when you're dealing with them.

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