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Cheap Parts and Repairs - Amica Review

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I have had Amica since I first got my license. I had always had a great experience and felt like their rates were competitive. However, this year my husband and I were in a terrible multi-car accident that was the fault of another driver. Our claim handler at Amica definitely made the experience much more painful. Having never been in an accident, we did not know the process of having our badly damaged car repaired. Because our claim handler was on vacation, no other Amica claims rep would help with our case and we were forced to wait until she returned before we could get any help with our car repairs. Even when in the office, promised call backs from our rep were never returned and questions never answered. The cost of repairs were $10,300 and because we were still awaiting police reports from the multi-car accident Amica had to initiate our repairs. The car was only worth $13,000 and rather than totaling the car, Amica insisted on fixing the vehicle. So, we had no choice but to have the vehicle repaired. The repairs were awful. Cuts were made in the quality. However today when attempting to trade our vehicle, a 2009 Altima with 36,000 miles and not a scratch on it we were told by a dealer that they did not want our trade and that we would never be able to get anything out of our vehicle because of the extent of damage received, although repaired, from the accident. I had debated with Amica about totaling the car and they insisted that once repaired the vehicle would be restored to its original condition and would not be worth any less. I was told by the dealer that any other insurance company would have totaled the car. That the law in Wisconsin, where we were attempting to trade, makes any car with that much damage a total loss. Ultimately I feel like I have been scammed by Amica, and the customer service by our claims handler was so unbelievably atrocious. We have now switched to State Farm and although the price is more for coverage, we feel good about our switch and are confident we have made a good decision.

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