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Amica Insurance is the oldest mutual insurer serving the interest of the drivers of the United States, for more than 100 years. Amica Insurance has made the use of cutting edge technologies, that helps to expedite the services, thereby building a personal relationship with the business philosophy of Amica Insurance. Most of the representatives who provide the customer services live by the golden rule, providing you with the same courtesy, along with attention to different details, and much concern that shall be of much help. We have a steady customer base and one third of the customers have remained with us, for more than twenty years. Our customers recommend us, and many of our customers choose us because of the good things that they have heard about us from our customers.

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We have a long and eventful journey, since our inception in the year 1907.Today we are considered to be the oldest mutual insurer, having more than 3000 employees in the different branch offices in the nation. You may ask any of the policyholders of Amica Insurance and they shall provide you a variety of reasons for their choice of the insurance company. Some of the reasons can be summarized as attention to details on the part of the company and providing customer satisfaction is one of the main reasons. In order to provide this kind of service, we shall be employing different kinds of individuals, who know the art of caring about the people. Since the employees are of different backgrounds, a lot of effort is required to pool in their responsibility, strength and abilities.

The company has many commitments and one of the commitments is to foster a culture that’s thrives on different diversities and opportunities. There are many outstanding benefit packages that are available, that are considered t be a benefit when you work from Amica Insurance. We has a policy of equal opportunity that helps us to celebrate our diversity in our workplace.

Amica Insurance In The Workplace
All the employees are well aware of the different aspects of hard work, they have a positive attitude, and most important is that they know how to keep their employees satisfied. The team is encouraged to have a problem solving approach, and is known to be collaborating with the different corporate culture that is existent. Most of the employees are encouraged to join the different extracurricular and philanthropic activities. There are many who are also referred to for the philanthropic and other extracurricular activities. There is a very good working atmosphere, whether you are working in the corporate office or any of the branch offices.

Amica Insurance is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Employees form an integral part for the success of the company, and this is the main reason why Amica Insurance tries to provide one of the best employees packages to the families of Amica Insurance. Most of the employees have a regular working week of 35 hours, Monday to Friday. The lunch breaks are usually of 45 minutes, and a fifteen-minute break is also provided.

The Amica Insurance Companies foundation was established in the year 1997. 2002 was the first year when the annual raffle of the company was run, the proceeds of which were set aside for the benefits of other non-profit organizations. There is another feature that is associated with Amica Insurance, it is the citizenship grants of the company, that amounts to $ 1000.There are also many financial support and elementary schools, which receive annual donations from Amica Insurance. There are many student and community benefit programs that are carried on by Amica Insurance. It was the year 1932 that Amica Insurance provided support to the efforts of United Way. United Way has been able to collect funds on behalf of the many agencies that are involved. There is The Oliver Hazard Perry Middle School, Providence, which has more than 800 students, who come from different backgrounds.

More About Amica Insurance
Amica Insurance is soon approaching its 100th anniversary and we will be tracing the path of our journey over all these years. If we explore our past well we will get a better insight into the future. The referrals of the policyholders, has been the greatest strength of the company. Our commitment to our employees was evident in the season of hurricane, when we provided excellent customer services. The company has received many awards and referrals, such as J.D. Power and Associates’ ranking for “Highest in Overall Customer Satisfaction Among National Auto Insurers” for a sixth consecutive year, in the year 2005.The auto retention rate of the company is 93.6% and the homeowner retention rate is 94.6%. The net income of Amica Insurance was $145,404,932 in 2005.In the year 2005 the net income of the company was $13,527,093, as compared to $10,317,643 in 2004.