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The dynamic tools used by Amerigroup to promote healthy living from birth through old age are unrivalled by other insurance groups. Amerigroup hosts a program called “Power Zone” that demonstrates healthy eating and exercise habits to children in a fun way. This program is complemented by the program “Taking Care of Baby and Me”, a prenatal education series for pregnant women that may lack information on proper dieting for newborn babies. These educational efforts are only a small part of the work done by Amerigroup in every community this company reaches.

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Policy holders with Amerigroup gain access to a plethora of resources unavailable through other companies. Disease management programs for chronic illnesses help clients deal with the physical and psychological stresses of issues like asthma and diabetes. Partnerships with community groups help expand Amerigroup’s educational opportunities to a larger audience. These partnerships have yielded free Boys and Girls Club membership for certain policy holders as well as access to nurses, doctors and clinicians at health fairs around the United States.

All of the services mentioned above show Amerigroup’s commitment to every customer. Surveys from industry insiders have demonstrated a high level of trust in Amerigroup from single parents that need affordable insurance options. The company’s commitment to its core values has allowed a perfect balance of personalized attention and widespread solutions to today’s health care issues.

Amerigroup’s commitment to organizational focus toward the end of community values as well as an unrelenting drive for ethical practices has allowed it to build a strong brand name in a competitive field. The partnerships and cooperative agreements established by Amerigroup have been made easier by the company’s desire to think at a national level but act at a local level. These values help form the basis of every action within the walls of Amerigroup.

The business practices of Amerigroup revolve around values like the importance of technology, replicable practices and strategic partnering. The development of health technologies and educational tools for the tech savvy help Amerigroup stay competitive in the industry while remaining responsive to customer needs. Claims, marketing and sales practices that can be repeated thousands of times over allow uniformity and oversight without excessive bureaucracy. Amerigroup’s network of hospitals, clinics and private practices help maintain the ideal ratio of doctors to policy holders throughout the world.

The entire list of values mentioned above would mean nothing without Amerigroup’s commitment to a group-directed process. The cultural diversity within the Amerigroup offices as well as amongst the millions of policy holders requires diversity in the company’s approach to long term goals. Collective wisdom is harnessed by Amerigroup executives to find the best solutions for health problems in the 21st century. The Amerigroup network of services would be moot without a long term commitment to corporate and individual clients.

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Rating 0

Cannot Get My Medication Because of Record Error

May 19, 2014 by Anonymous

I couldn't get my medication because Amerigroup thinks I have Medicare. I called them numerous times even with Medicare on the phone and they said everything was taken care of and would be updated in 24 to 48 hours. A week later I go back to try and get my medication and it was denied so I call Amerigroup back and they still haven't updated my records and still believe I have Medicare. Horrible service!


Feb 04, 2014 by Anonymous

For those of you looking into getting amerigroup insurance. Think again there are very few places that will take amerigroup. Just took my baby to a renown urgent care and they don't take amerigroup and when I had him it was at renown hospital.. when I first got it I was under the impression all renown places take amerigroup because that's what the paper said.... its the worst insurance company out there

No Coverage

Dec 04, 2012 by Anonymous

I would've gotten braces but my insurance didn't cover it. I'm tired of this insurance company not covering many of the basic things that I need. Why do I have insurance if I get stuck paying the bills for procedures that aren't covered and for doctors that are out-of-network?

Insurance USA , USA 0.7 2.0 3 3 I couldn't get my medication because Amerigroup thinks I have Medicare. I called them numerous times even with Medicare on the phone and they said everything was taken care of and