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Dropping Me After I Was Robbed - American Family Insurance Review

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American Family Insurance

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American Family Insurance

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Dropping Me After I Was Robbed

I was robbed and AMFAM said if I filed a claim I would be dropped the following month from my homeowners insurance because that would be 3 claims in 5 years. I was also told I didn't need to think about getting a different insurance company because my claims would follow me. I lost $14,000 in equipment in the robbery and thought I had ONE claim against me. I was informed claim #2 was filed by another insurance co. This moron had been paid without me being notified that his insurance filed the claim. I thought since I didn't hear from him again he realized he was at fault and wouldn't win in court and dropped it. I had all the proof (witnesses) to fight him if he perused it but never had the opportunity. Instead I find out 3 years later I paid for his mistake!! Then last year they almost doubled my insurance because my credit score dropped after I lost my job and we were living on one income. I always make sure they are paid every month on time (It's a stiff fine if caught driving without insurance) and this is the thanks I get!

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