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American Family Insurance

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Low-Ball Estimate

We had some hail and the adjuster was sent out. He low balled us on our claims. Being that we don't work at a body shop, we didn't know how low he was. A lady later called us from AmFarm and asked if we were happy with the service on our claims and we said we thought he was low. She said get a quote from the body shop and they would make it right. We washed all three vehicles and then one by one brought them to the body shop. Sure enough the adjuster was $1,000 low on all the claims even with our deductibles. We submitted the quotes from the shop. They ended up being turned over to the same adjuster who low-balled us in the first place and he said the quotes were just an opinion. He said I could take it to 100 different shops and they would give me 100 different opinions.

2.0 Coverage
2.0 Cost
1.0 Service
1.0 Claims

American Family Insurance Ratings

  • 2.8 coverage
  • 3.0 cost
  • 2.4 service
  • 2.2 claims
  • 2.6 overall rating

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