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February 15, 2014, my son has Allstate and was t-boned on the driver's side in his beloved grandfather's '89 Silverado, the chick in a small car ran the red light, never applied the brakes and flipped that big, heavy truck on its side! He and his girlfriend suffered injuries, nothing too serious, but he is still getting physical therapy. Another driver was sitting at the red light facing the chick who ran the light, and her car was damaged by the flying spare tire that was knocked loose from underneath the truck. NOW, the driver had no license, had no insurance, wasn't her car, and the owner had sold the car and the car DID have liability (with Allstate as well) only, BUT the adjuster has JUST NOW said he wants to get statements from everyone. They JUST LAST WEEK finally got the report from the city developers re: the light sequence to ensure it was operating is the craziest mess I have ever seen! He is working on his 2nd adjuster, no body seems to know how to ascertain who owns the car, whether it is covered, or anything!! All of this information is PUBLIC RECORD!!! My son provided them with the police report 2 days after the wreck, removing that reason for delay. Te police report said the lady ran the red light, the woman sitting on the other side was sitting AT THE RED LIGHT, he said the traffic signal appeared to be working properly at the time. WHERE IS ALL THE CONFUSION??? I have never seen anything like this in my life/ I would have thought that because both parties have Allstate, it would have been easier, but it seems to have thrown a wrench into the works. Of course because liability hasn't been established yet, he hasn't received his money for the truck, (he only had liability on it)he opted for the salvage amount. So all monies are frozen until someone can get their head out of their ass!!! Unbelievable! Absolutely absurd! And of course they rarely call when they say they will, their voice mail greetings have the wrong date on them, just a big old mess.

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