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I've had an excellent experience with Allstate even though Allstate is not my insurance carrier. Last year during the holidays while I was shopping at the mall for gifts, the car that parked next to me hit my car when they were pulling in. I've been shopping for a couple hours and found a note on the vehicle when I came out. I had some damage my car so I had to file a claim with the other driver's insurance carrier which was Allstate. The claims process is easy, the reps were positive in terms of their attitude, and I did not receive any trouble at all in getting reimbursed for the damages. I was pleasantly surprised by Allstate insurance; I actually feared that because I had not witnessed the incident and I had no other witnesses to prove that the events occurred, other than the note that I wasn't going to get paid for the damage done to my car. Allstate's customer actually confessed to having damaged the car and that made the claims process go far more smoothly than I ever imagined possible. Thank goodness there are still a few honest people left in the world.

4.0 Coverage
1.0 Cost
4.0 Service
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  • 2.5 coverage
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  • 2.0 service
  • 1.8 claims
  • 2.2 overall rating

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