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Low-Ball Estimate - Allstate Review

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Low-Ball Estimate

One of Allstate's client's hit me from behind going 65 MPH while I was stopped in traffic. This caused the cars to catch on fire and blow up. I lost everything in the car and All State does not deny my personal items or claims, but wants to only give me $2,000 LESS of my claim because they claim my items are used. They want to deduct money from MY belongings when their client blew my car up? I lost car keys, an iPod, shoes, medication, my daughters car seat, my daughters belongings, my laptop, and the other items I had inside. I have copies of the police report, pictures of the scene (their client never braked), all copies of paperwork admitting their clients fault and more. The fact that it has been almost 2 months and we can not replace anything is ridiculous. All State seems to think that because my daughters favorite stuffed animals were 'loved' that I can accept pennies on the dollar for what they are worth!

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