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Poor Customer Service - Allstate Review

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Poor Customer Service

My daughter had coverage and was a good customer, but her payments were very high. She got a quote from a (better) insurance policy. When She called to cancel with AllState the rep failed to help her. They asked her when she wanted to cancel and she told them, but they failed to tell her that if she canceled on that certain day she would have a lapse. Her coverage date was not the same as the day the money was coming out of her account. She received a bill for $77.07 and she called to ask what it was for, they told her she just needed to provide proof of coverage with her new insurance and the fee would be removed. She did that (several times) and nothing. She called numerous time and each time she got a different answer! No one was consistent, nobody helped her!

3.0 Coverage
2.0 Cost
1.0 Service
1.0 Claims

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  • 2.5 coverage
  • 2.3 cost
  • 2.0 service
  • 1.8 claims
  • 2.2 overall rating

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