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Poor Expensive Service - Aetna Review

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Poor Expensive Service

We have to use Aetna Specialty Pharmacy for a prescription and you should know that you are required to call them in Florida every month, then take a day off from work to receive delivery. They cannot tell you what time it will come. I checked with 3 local pharmacies and they carry the same medicine at a significantly lower cost. This month I asked for a delivery that requires signature since they will guarantee delivery by 8am, allowing me to get to work. But it did not come and when I informed them, they say it is out of their hands. They cannot explain logically why I am required to use their more expensive service in Florida when I can find the Rx cheaper here at my local NJ pharmacies and I do not have to lose one day of work EVERY month. I can only conclude that this is another money maker for them but it is the most ineffective way to serve the consumers. So far it has caused only great frustration and wasted my family's time , not to mention an entire day (without pay) lost to waiting for delivery each month.

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