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Denied Transplant Meds - Aetna Review

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Denied Transplant Meds

My 11-year-old son is a kidney transplant recipient. He requires several medications to stay alive. As is often the case his dosage was changed on one particular medication called Rapamune in April 2013. In speaking with Aetna to arrange for his 60 day refill I learned that our doctor did not relay that change to them. Our doctor's office, upon our request, submitted the change to Aetna. I then followed up with Aetna to confirm that they had received the change when he had about one week of medication remaining. So it was clear to the representative that our need was urgent. We were to receive the med the next day via overnight shipping. No meds arrived, so I called Aetna yet again and elevated my request to a supervisor. The supervisor informed me that it was MY fault for not telling MY doctor to tell Aetna that the order was "stat.". At that time they agreed to transfer the prescription to a local CVS pharmacy. I was made to drive almost 2 hours round-trip out of my way to make up for "MY" mistake. Even worse, when I got the refill I was only allowed to receive 30 days worth. In speaking to Aetna yet again to try to obtain the remaining 30 days of medication I was told that I needed to contact the local CVS pharmacy and tell them to transfer the prescription back to Aetna. Had I not done this the process would have broken down all over again. As an added bonus, I talked to Aetna yesterday and found out that I will not be able to get the next refill until this 30 day supply is consumed. So instead of only having to deal with those idiots every two months, I get to do it again in just one month. Bottom line, Aetna seemingly takes little responsibility for maintaining its own process. And they demonstrated zero interest in customer service, much less compassion, in dealing with a life-or-death situation regarding an 11 year-old boy. Suffice it to say, I am gathering quotes as we speak from other carriers. If the health of your family, especially your children, are important to you, I strongly urge you not to work with Aetna!

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