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Delaying So They don't Have to Pay - Aetna Review

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Delaying So They don't Have to Pay

They will delay responding to a claim for medication by a couple of extra days or more just to save those days worth of medication payments on their part. That's just wrong and the world needs to know about it. 10 days prior to me terminating my coverage, one of my pets knocked over one of my bottles of medication landing into his water bowl. The top had come of in the process, destroying what was left of that particular medication. I immediately called to see if I could get a prescription for at least the remaining time I was on the Aetna plan. They said they had to get back to me to see if they could override the prescription refill to allow an earlier refill at least for the remaining of the days I'm still covered. Someone was supposed to get back to me within 24 hours. That was 6 days ago and I've called back twice so far since the medication I need to take is a daily one that builds up in order to work and you can't just go off of it cold-turkey without bad effects. Each time I called to inquire, I was told by the representative that they were surprised at how long it was taking to respond to my inquiry and that It's usually no more than 24 hours for such a simple request to at least be answered with some sort of response. Now three days before the cancellation of my insurance, they're telling me since my insurance plan is ending in three days they aren't able to do anything for me. Even though I called 10 days requesting at least to get 10 days worth of the medication, they waited to respond to my inquiries until the time almost ran out. Even though they said they were going to call back within 24 hours of my original call, they never got back to me nor did they respond to my calls until three days prior to the end of my plan just to tell me that since It's now three days prior to the ending of my plan, they are no longer able to do anything because it would only be three days worth of medication.

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