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Poor Customer Service - Aetna Review

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Poor Customer Service

I can't believe the substandard customer service Aetna's people deliver. After being ill for an extended period of time and running up quite a few expensive doctor bills, I got several notices in the mail that my bills weren't being approved by Aetna. I couldn't understand why the bills weren't covered because my policy clearly indicated that my doctor visits should have been covered. I had to place five, long, drawn-out, irritating phone calls to the company before I finally got the entire mess rectified. It seems that some computer error was responsible for the inappropriate denial of my claims. Why couldn't Aetna figure that out the first four times I called them? I spent so much time on the phone and aggravated, I am surprised I am not sick just from being so stressed out!

4.0 Coverage
4.0 Cost
1.0 Service
1.0 Claims

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  • 1.7 coverage
  • 2.3 cost
  • 1.3 service
  • 1.2 claims
  • 1.6 overall rating

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