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Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, who was a high school principal, founded AARP, in the year 1958.AARP has its roots in the national Retired Teachers Association, that was established much earlier in the year 1947, in order to solve the health insurance needs of the local teachers. This is a non-governmental organization that is known to be serving the interests of special class of people, such as those who are of the age of 50 years or above. Today the activities of AARP have diversified, and include membership of diversified class of people. It is expected that the membership of the company, will be around 70 million by the year 2015.

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There are many services that can be linked to AARP, and the services of the company includes that of negotiating offers so that there are reduced rates for members at various places that includes tourist attractions, automobile rental companies and motel and hotel chains. There are many programs that are provided at reduced costs, in order to mange different kinds of scams and complexities that may arise, in case of predatory lending and financing. They are very popularly known to be defending and advancing the interests of the senior population, through great efforts at the state and national government level. This organization does not support or oppose, or provide money to any candidate or political party. This organization also publishes a popular magazine that is known as AARP The Magazine that mainly focuses on issues that are directly related to the process of aging. This is a bimonthly magazine, and is sent to all members of AARP, making the circulation of the magazine one of the largest in the world.

With AARP You Get
There are number of facilities that you receive as a member of AARP.

  • You are provided with expert advice on aspects of healthy living, protection of the interests of the customers and also on how to take care of your aging parents.
  • There are many kinds of help facilities that include tax prep help, safety courses for drivers and local chapters and nationwide volunteer work.
  • Several of your issues are represented in appropriate places, such as issues related to Medicare, social security and consumer safety.
  • You are also provided with different kinds of insurance that includes health, automobile and homeowners insurance.