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Difficulties With Lifetime Benefits - AAA Insurance Review

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AAA Insurance

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Difficulties With Lifetime Benefits

In 1982 I was in a very serious motorcycle accident that involved head trauma along with totally crushing of my left ankle, foot, and heel breaking my right leg along with my right arm and crushing my left wrist. I have over the years experienced pain that not many people can imagine. AAA of Michigan has for at least 25 of 30 years deceive my family and I of benefits and coverage that I was entitled. For many years AAA has told me that my benefits were coordinated and turned down any and all attempts of mine to seek medical treatment of any kind. About 6.5 years ago my condition started to really get bad and a short time after that my wife and I lost our medical insurance so once more I tried to use the medical benefits from the motorcycle accident. At this time AAA said I wasn't covered and told me to call a numbed in California. This a bit odd as I am in Michigan, so this took a few weeks then they called and said that my claim file had been destroyed, but some notes did still exist and to call a new number in Michigan now almost 3 years later still having to battle for every last medical payment mileage and expense reimbursement so AAA can delay as many payouts as possible. So if this is AAA's life time benefit, it must mean you are going to spend the rest of your life trying to use these benefits. This company has committed serious violations of law as well as acting with fault free conduct. Addressing all issues that arise as someone else being at fault or lying about what is or has taken place. I have spent the last few years trying to resolve this matter and have made some ground but they continue to try intimidating, harassing and acting in bad faith.

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