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AAA Insurance

AAA Insurance Background
The American Automobile Association was founded in 1902, when cars were just starting to become a part of American life. There were originally only 1,000 charter members, and this quickly grew to encompass different local and regional clubs under the AAA umbrella.

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In 1905, AA began printing the first road maps, and in 1917, it began printing hotel guides. The School Safety Patrol Program was launched in 1920, and it was followed by many other driver safety programs. Over the years, the organization continued to grow and expand across the country. One of its most popular programs is a ratings service for hotels and restaurants nationwide.

AAA Insurance was previously known as The American Automobile Association, a non-profit automobile lobby group and a service organization. The company name was changed to AAA in 1997.

Today, AAA offers many different kinds of services and products, including term life or life, health, homeowners as well as automobile insurance and related travel services such as reservations, car rentals, cruise and airline tickets, towing, maps and directions for trips and more.

AAA also helps you plan your trips, from ground transportation to air or sea tickets to family vacations and business travel. AAA can handle all of the details of your itinerary at the lowest price. With more than 100 years of experience, the company has offices throughout the United States. AAA Insurance also has the AAA Club website, where you enter a zip code and follow the on-screen instructions for further assistance.

AAA provides travel information and services, financial services, car purchasing information, and insurance. In addition, AAA also provides services related to car repairs, financial services such as credit and different kinds of insurance products, including annuity and health insurance.

AAA Insurance takes care of your property and casualty needs, and helps you find the policy that best suits your personal needs. AAA provides you with many options to choose from — from small to high limits, some with limits on deductibles and discounts for safety records.

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AAA Insurance

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reimbursement for rental car

Mar 27, 2015 by Anonymous

Our car was damaged in an accident 250 miles from home on Sept.4 2014. Filed a claim for rental car cost end of Sept 2014. Since January we made MULTIPLE calls to claims center in Lexington, Ky. and were given promises of a call back (none ever received) or the check is being cut (none received). VERY POOR customer service. This is almost April 2015 (Mar 27, 2015) and still nothing. It shouldn't take 6 months to send a check.

Auto /Home

Jan 26, 2015 by Anonymous

I have AAA auto/home insurance now for 3 years,We have had wonderfull customer service- very knowledgable and professional. The rates are within our budget for our home/auto in FLorida. They answer all our questions and glad we switched from State Farm.

Awful Experience

Jan 11, 2015 by Anonymous

Absolutely the worse insurance experience I've ever had. Tried to switch over both auto and homeowners. They had me place a down payment to start the policies. Then the problems started. Because I put a new roof on just after the hurricanes building permit requirements were suspended. AAA tells me that doesn't count and my rates just went up. I immediately found another company who understood and had better rates, no games. I notified AAA I would not be using their insurance. I then received an abusive call from their agent.

Claims Nightmare

Jul 16, 2014 by Anonymous

We have been customers for 14 years and recently had our first claim. We had water damage from a leaking toilet while away that flooded our basement. The claims process has been a complete nightmare. AAA gave us a low ball settlement which will only pay for half of our repairs. Their detailed payout was ridiculous, for example they are allotting us $11.18 to have our entire bathroom regrouted. We have been getting the run- around from the adjuster and our agent has yet to return our phone calls. We thought we were paying for piece of mind, but it turns out, we will be paying for half of our repairs (after deductable) out of pocket.

Pleasant and Fast

Jun 23, 2014 by Anonymous

Tree branch dropped onto my car one night and I contacted claims to initiate the claim. Took the car immediately to body shop and was given a quote. The adjuster came out the next day and the quote was the same. Very happy to have Keystone AAA insurance.

Nightmare of an Experience

Jun 12, 2014 by Anonymous

AAA should NOT be in the insurance business! I just had a nightmare of an experience with AAA Insurance Frisco office which has forever mared the image I had of AAA. I would not suggest anyone doing business with them for any reason. Not only are they expensive, their "agents" are inexperienced and offer you pie in the sky. They cancelled my policy prematurely, then began pulling the discounts they had given me leaving me with a very high premium and lack of coverage. I was lied to over and over again, and after I had signed my policy, I was told that they would not honor it forcing me to cancel my "policies" after 2 weeks with total disregard with the hurt they had caused in regard to Longevity discounts that were lost. They don't return calls, made promises that they did not follow through with and literally forced me to cancel. I now, I am having problems getting a refund on the yearly premium which was paid up front. I would urge anyone NOT to do business with them.

Cancelled But Still Being Charged

Mar 19, 2014 by Anonymous

Still paying for a policy that is cancelled. Called about it, the rep said it was cancelled on the 5th and yes I do see were you account was charged again. Also you won't be getting all the money back due to a $25 charge since you cancelled your policy before the renewal date.

Slow and Unfair

Jan 27, 2014 by Anonymous

They are horrible at settling claims. The company wants to total my car and give me $8,000 less than the Blue Book value! I have already been without a car for a month! Nobody cares. I just want my car fixed!

Mess of a Total Loss Claims Department

Jan 23, 2014 by Anonymous

A company rep called. I missed her call have been leaving her a message everyday for over a week. NO responses. I got her managers name and phone number, left him a message and also received no return call. It\'s been over a month since my car was totaled and still cant talk to anyone in AAA total loss claims dept. Very poor customer service!!

Good Luck With a Claim

Dec 30, 2013 by Anonymous

Trying to get AAA's claim agents to move forward in the claims process is nearly impossible. I keep getting told that they can't get ahold of the bank our car loan is through. Yet when I call the bank, I have no trouble getting through, and they are very helpful. The only people I can never get shops of are the AAA claim agents. I will not go through this ordeal again. We are switching insurance companies even if it means higher premiums.

Insurance USA , USA 8.3 127.0 103 103 Our car was damaged in an accident 250 miles from home on Sept.4 2014. Filed a claim for rental car cost end of Sept 2014. Since January we made MULTIPLE calls to claims center in