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Better Insurance Companies out There - 21st Century Insurance Review

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21st Century Insurance

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21st Century Insurance

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Better Insurance Companies out There

They send you to an adjuster located in a car dealership. Adjuster writes in policy info etc then a body shop employee of the car dealership does the inspection. He tells me the car is not safe to drive, the wheel might break away while driving, but says the damage is less than my $1,000 deductible. I take my chances and drive it to a body shop I have used in the past and now it needs more work (such a shock!). The body shop called claims and the soonest they can send the adjuster to verify the new estimate is 1 week from the date of the accident. I call and get the supervisors name and number and her incoming message says "I will be out from 2/28 - 3/3" today is 3/6. I'm extremely disappointed with the lack of communication with anyone who can expedite the claim. Also after I go the the car rental because they told me I have $30/day rental when the car rental agent calls to verify the agent declined the coverage. Now I'm further from home, rush hour and really annoyed since the body guy would have driven me home. 3 minutes later the agent calls back the rental agent to say he "made a mistake" I in fact am covered for the rental. These people are probably overworked, underpaid and don't give a crap about the customers.

4.0 Coverage
3.0 Cost
1.0 Service
1.0 Claims

21st Century Insurance Ratings

  • 2.6 coverage
  • 2.2 cost
  • 1.8 service
  • 1.5 claims
  • 2.0 overall rating

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