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21st Century Insurance In The Community

Community involvement and leadership are cornerstones of 21st Century Insurance’s philosophy and culture.Over the last five years, 21st Century Insurance and its employees have raised over $1.8 million towards annual United Way campaigns. 2003 also marks the completion of a $3 million donation to the Union Rescue Mission by the company and its founder.

In 1996, 21st Century Insurance took a leading role as the founding sponsor to create the Los Angeles Police Academy Magnet School Program. This innovative collaboration between 20th Century, the Los Angeles Unified School District and the LAPD is designed to inspire high school students to pursue careers in law enforcement and to serve as exemplary citizens in our community. To date, we have contributed over $500,000 to this program.

21st Century Insurance has also teamed up with the California Missions Foundation to increase awareness of the plight of California’s 21 historic Missions. Last year, over 4,000 fourth grade students competed in a statewide poster contest entitled “A Day in the Life of a Mission.” 21 winners from California were chosen.

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addition to providing financial support to numerous causes, 21st Century employees believe strongly in the importance of giving their time as well. That’s why every holiday season and during the year, we volunteer our time to charities throughout the communities we work and live in.

At 21st Century Insurance, safety is our primary concern. Last year, 21st Century Insurance launched a groundbreaking partnership with the California Highway Patrol to promote child seat safety. Together, 20thCentury Insurance and CHP have prepared a free guide for how to correctly install a child safety seat and conducted community events in underserved areas throughout California where families received inspections and free replacement of outdated, broken or inappropriate car seats.

As we celebrate our 45th Anniversary, 21st Century Insurance is proud to honor the philanthropic tradition started by our founder, Louis W. Foster, in 1958.

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