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21st Century Insurance

21st Century Insurance is a company that was registered on the New York Stock Exchange, and has been providing direct to the consumer personal auto insurance. 21st Century Insurance policies cover over 1.5 million vehicles in California and eight other Western, Southwestern, eastern and mid western states. In the state of California, 21st Century Insurance is considered to be seventh largest personal auto insurance company, that provides different kinds of insurance for automobile, motorcycle and personal umbrella insurance. Customer services are excellent and customers can purchase insurance service of their policy, all through the year through the 24-hours service. We believe that we deliver superior policy features, and also superior customer service at very competitive prices Towards the end of the year 2004, this group had an amount of $1.3 billion in the net premiums written, and $1.4 billion in assets, that totals $1.9 billion.

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21st Century Insurance Story
The founder of 21st Century Insurance was Louis W.Foster, who founded the company in the year 1958, with the help of his experience of 20 years as an independent agent. An inter-insurance exchange is quite similar to a cooperative, where most of the policyholders try to insure the losses of the other policyholders. It was in the year 1968, a decision was made to convert the inter insurance exchange to the stock. It was the federal government who had minimized the tax for the advantages, and then the California Department of Insurance raised its capital and stock requirements. It was one of the most unique annals in the business of California. The profits that resulted on the use of this exchange were considered for measuring the amount of equity of the policy holders, where were entitled to the new company.$2 million were written on behalf of the company, in the year 1969, and $ 5 million was reached in the year 1972, and then $10 million in the year 1975.The company soon grew, and in a few years the company moved to Century City, in order to accommodate the ever increasing staff and number of policies. This was in the year 1980 that the company moved to its current headquarters, in Woodland hills. 21st Century Insurance has always seen its rapid growth, and expanded to many areas such as Arizonia, Washington, Georgia, Pennsylvania.Today the company is said to be employing more than 2500 employees and occupies a 11 storey headquarters building in Woodland Hills. The company also has 14 service offices, along with 9 drive in claim centers and 5 vehicle inspection centers.

21st Century Insurance In The Community
21st Century Insurance has always been involved with community development, and over 5 years time, the employees had managed to raise $1.8 million towards the United Way Campaigns. In the year 2003, there was $3 million in the form of donation to the Union Rescue Mission. This donation was made on behalf of the company as well as its founder. It was the 1996, that 21 st Century played a major role as a sponsor in order to create Los Angeles Police Academy Magnet School Program. 21st Century Insurance has also joined hands with California Missions Foundation, in order to increase awareness. In the previous poster competition was organized for the students, in which more than 400 students participated. The poster contest was entitled “A Day in the Life of a Mission”. Besides all these, 21st Century Insurance has always been involved in providing financial support to numerous causes. Last year there was another development, when there was a joint venture with California Highway Patrol, in order to promote child safety seat and conducted many kinds of community events, through different parts of California’s we celebrate our 45th anniversary, we are proudly honoring the tradition that is set by our founder, Louis W.Foster, in 1958.

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21st Century Insurance

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Shady business

Jan 17, 2015 by Anonymous

We got a quote from 21st century. It was saving us like 94$ a month. So we set it up over the phone. They took all of our info and bank info. They were to take out the first payment dec. 20th. Got an email saying they were taking it out on the date. Didn't realize it didn't cone out. Already had canceled our other ins. So we called to find out why it wasn't taken out. They told us our card was declined. We never got an email, phone call or letter in the mail saying that it was declined.we called and they told us that the only thing they could do is to do a new policy. We tried to explain that we didn't rec any notice that it was declined. We already had our ins card and policy! And the new policy was going to cost us more than double the amount they quoted and made the policy for. They said because we let our other ins lapse. The only reason we didn't have ins now was because we went with them. Sounds like some shady business to me!!!

Just Throw Us Away

Dec 10, 2014 by Anonymous

Had 21st for two years with no accidents or tickets. We own our home, the car is parked in the garage, but they raised our premium this year because we're "older". If that doesn't sound like a crock of poo poo I don't know what does. I think we'll pay a little more and go with a more reputable company

Bait and Switch

Mar 30, 2014 by Anonymous

Website gave an online quote of $433 for 6 months auto coverage or $200 less than I am paying at present time. When I tried to finalize the deal I was given a new quote of $598. Spoke to a rep at their 800 number and was told quotes were different because I had a one week lapse in coverage between my last two insurance companies (was in process of moving from another state). I will not waste time dealing with 21st Century again.

Better Insurance Companies out There

Mar 06, 2014 by Anonymous

They send you to an adjuster located in a car dealership. Adjuster writes in policy info etc then a body shop employee of the car dealership does the inspection. He tells me the car is not safe to drive, the wheel might break away while driving, but says the damage is less than my $1,000 deductible. I take my chances and drive it to a body shop I have used in the past and now it needs more work (such a shock!). The body shop called claims and the soonest they can send the adjuster to verify the new estimate is 1 week from the date of the accident. I call and get the supervisors name and number and her incoming message says "I will be out from 2/28 - 3/3" today is 3/6. I'm extremely disappointed with the lack of communication with anyone who can expedite the claim. Also after I go the the car rental because they told me I have $30/day rental when the car rental agent calls to verify the agent declined the coverage. Now I'm further from home, rush hour and really annoyed since the body guy would have driven me home. 3 minutes later the agent calls back the rental agent to say he "made a mistake" I in fact am covered for the rental. These people are probably overworked, underpaid and don't give a crap about the customers.

18% Increase For No Reason

Aug 03, 2013 by Anonymous

21st century increased our rates by 18% although we have had no claims, tickets within the last 5 years. Nor have we made any policy changes. When called, the representative could not answer why such a dramatic increase other than to say it was possibly across the board otherwise she was clueless. This is entirely unacceptable.

Terrible Customer Service

Jul 31, 2013 by Anonymous

Customer Service is Piss Poor. Tried to get my teenage son auto insurance. After continuously getting kicked out of the on-line application process and finally completing, I got a message to call them. Tried to call and got info-mercials offing services other than auto insurance. Finally spoke to an agent. They require five (5) forms of proof of residency, they will not accept a state vehicle title but will accept a vehicle registration. How can my son get a vehicle registration when he has to have proof of insurance before registering & tagging the vehicle? The rates proposed were not even that great either, ended up going elsewhere and getting more coverage for less money!

Difficult to Contact

Apr 04, 2013 by Anonymous

I don't know how things are as a buyer of this company but trying to make a claim is an ordeal. They are really bad about returning phone calls and only call me out of necessity. When I call them to ask questions they don't answer and when I leave a message to call me back they leave me hanging (no call backs). I don't know how well other insurance companies are but if you are ever in a wreck where the fault is on the other person and they have 21 Century beware. They will try to stick you.

Rates Keep Going Up

Feb 17, 2013 by Anonymous

I have been with 21st Century for the past 3 years and I have a clean driving record. Every six months my rates keep going up from $15 to $55. Every time the customer service rep that i speak to let me know that the state is increasing the premium, that it\'s not the company\'s choice.

Cancelled On

Feb 12, 2013 by Anonymous

I just recently signed a policy with 21 century and I thought everything was going great. I always make my payments on time and everything, but out of no where I got a notice in the mail saying that my policy has been canceled? I tried calling customer service, but they were no help at all.

Bait And Switch

Feb 09, 2013 by Anonymous

I received a phone call from a 21st Century Insurance sales agent who wanted to beat the rate of my current policy. I didn't want to look up what I was currently paying, so the sales agent offered to do so. After he did, he told me that they could give me a cheaper rate> would be saving $25/month. I told the sales rep that I didn't want to fill out paperwork, so the sales agent offered to do the work and just send me the paperwork to sign. I got the paperwork in the mail, signed, mailed it all back, and cancelled my other coverage. Then I had gotten a letter from 21st stating that after they reviewed my application they realized that I rented my apartment and that I don't own my home. As a result they were going to adjust my premium to $52/month. That's $25 more than what I was paying!!

Insurance USA , USA 2.5 127.0 197 197 We got a quote from 21st century. It was saving us like 94$ a month. So we set it up over the phone. They took all of our info and bank info. They were to take out the first paymen