Statement by AARP on Social Security Outreach

It is essential that America have a national dialogue on Social Security. For more than half a century, it has been the cornerstone of our nation’s income protection system for retired and disabled workers, as well as the survivors of deceased workers.

To contribute to this dialogue, in early fall AARP launched a series of public forums around the country to help our members understand the status of Social Security’s financing and to discuss ways to assure its long term solvency. We plan to continue these forums throughout 2004, beginning with eight additional events in January.

AARP has also discussed with the Social Security Administration and the National Association of Manufacturers the possibility of joint sponsorship of public events on Social Security. After some discussion, we have decided not to engage in these co-sponsored dialogues. Instead, we will continue to hold AARP-sponsored community forums.

We plan to continue our discussions with SSA, NAM and other organizations on policy ideas that can be useful in our public events and in the national dialogue on Social Security.