Specialty Insurer Foremost Releases Manufactured Home Market Facts Study

October 2, 2006 – (Grand Rapids, MI) If you’re looking for the truth about manufactured home living, look no further than Foremost.

Foremost Insurance Group, the country’s leading specialty insurer, released the latest Market Facts study in September. This study has been conducted every three years since 1979 and reports on lifestyles and trends of manufactured home living.

The survey is a valuable tool in understanding and marketing to the needs of individuals living in manufactured homes, and is used countrywide by manufactured home dealers, industry professionals and association members to better reach and service this market.

Foremost primarily uses this research to help the company provide top-notch coverage to their customers.

Industry professionals may be surprised at the results of the latest study. Many stereotypes exist about manufactured home living, however the most recent results indicate:

Ninety-one percent of responders own a personal computer. This percentage is up from 56% in 2002. The majority of them use it to e-mail and get information.

Eighty-three percent of responders own their mobile home and use it as a primary residence.

The median model year is 1992.

Forty-three percent are multi-sectional, or more like a site-built home.

Nearly half are located on the owner’s private property.

Typical survey questions gather information not just about personal computer ownership, but also the average age of homeowners and the kinds of activities that residents of manufactured homes regularly attend.

In addition to reporting on manufactured homes and their owners, Foremost produces studies about RV, motorcycle, snowmobile and off-road vehicle owners and their lifestyles.

The complete countrywide report can be ordered by contacting Lila Krueger at Foremost Insurance Group PO Box 2450 Grand Rapids, MI 49501, or by calling (616) 956-8261. To find out more about Foremost specialty insurance products, visit www.foremost.com.