Richard Vie, Chairman & CEO of Unitrin Talks to The Wall Street Transcript in 2005

NEW YORK, Sep 27, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) — The Wall Street Transcript has published an in-depth interview with Richard Vie, Chairman and CEO of Unitrin, Inc. (NYSE:UTR) in which he talks at length about the Company.

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Unitrin is one of the nation’s leading financial services providers. The Unitrin family of companies specializes in property and casualty insurance, life and health insurance, and consumer finance products for individuals, families, and small businesses.

When asked what would compel investors to include Unitrin in their portfolios Mr. Vie stated, “If you look at the 15-year history of our return to investors, you look at our results over the last two or three years, and you look at our recent quarterly results, it makes a pretty compelling case. Our operations have recorded record results for each of the past eight quarters for that particular quarter.”

Regarding the company’s investment strategy Mr. Vie stated, “We have about $9 billion in total assets, with $6.5 billion in invested assets. The duration of our $4 billion fixed maturity investment portfolio is relatively moderate. About one-third of our bonds consist of shorter-term maturities of five years or less. We also have some fairly large equity holdings, and we benefit there as the stock market goes up. We tend to be long-term equity holders. We have two concentrated equity holdings in Northrop Grumman and UNOVA.”

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