InsWeb Negotiates Release From Local Rent Obligation

InsWeb Corporation (ticker: INSW, exchange: Nasdaq)

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., June 29, 2000 – InsWeb (Nasdaq: INSW) announced today that it has successfully negotiated its release from all obligations under a multi-year lease made with Spieker Properties L.P. late last year. Pertaining to a 160,000 square-foot commercial property currently under construction in nearby San Carlos, Calif., the release is part of InsWeb’s recently announced plans to move its headquarters to Sacramento later this year.

Spieker Properties has released InsWeb’s obligations under a $9.5-million standby letter of credit and refunded a substantial portion of InsWeb’s security deposit. The release also grants InsWeb the potential to share in a portion of lease income from the property over the next three years. InsWeb also plans to write off tenant improvements it has made to this property.

“This transaction is in line with our previously announced decision to relocate our headquarters to Sacramento,” said Hussein Enan, chief executive officer of InsWeb. “With these developments, we expect that InsWeb’s operating efficiencies will improve over the long term.”

About InsWeb

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