InsureMe Puts Lowering Insurance Costs on the Forefront

Denver, Colo., – InsureMe, the country’s premiere insurance referral service, is offering tips for consumers to take the sting out of paying for insurance.

With the added economic obstacles such as gas and heating costs, it’s important that consumers save money wherever they can-starting with their insurance.

The InsureMe company gives consumers a better way to shop for insurance online, allowing them to compare up to five quotes from insurance professionals on auto, health, life, home and long-term care insurance. The InsureMe Web site also provides consumers with extensive, state-specific information on insurance, aimed to help consumers make informed decisions about their coverage.

“Obtaining multiple quotes allows the consumer to compare both policy and price,” says former insurance agent and InsureMe president, Tim McTavish. “And with the current competition in the insurance marketplace, consumers can take advantage of agents competing for their business.”

In addition to comparing multiple quotes, McTavish recommends that insurance shoppers take advantage of various discounts. Multiple policy discounts are often given to consumers who buy more than one policy from an insurer, such as policies for auto and homeowner’s coverage. Discounts are also available for low-risk behavior and safe practices; reductions are often given to safe drivers, homeowner’s with anti-theft devices, as well as to non-smokers and those free from obesity and a ssociated health problems.

“It’s important for consumers to know that these discounts exist,” adds McTavish. “It can shave hundreds, even thousands of dollars off annual premiums. And, when agents compete for a person’s business, they’re sure to apply any discounts for which the consumer qualifies.”

The articles available on the InsureMe site also encourage consumers to trim insurance rates by avoiding superfluous coverages. Consumers with little debt and no dependents can save money by lowering the amount of life insurance they carry. Drivers and homeowners alike can save money by increasing deductibles to an affordable amount and avoiding extra coverage on cars that are paid off and valuables that are no longer present in the home.

“Finding a happy medium is essential when it comes to insurance coverage,” says McTavish. “Shopping around for the best rate and making educated decisions about the kind of coverage you buy is the best way to get the most for your bottom dollar-and we hope the InsureMe site helps consumers do exactly that.”

About InsureMe
InsureMe, an Englewood, Colorado-based company, is the premier provider of online insurance leads for the insurance industry. The InsureMe service links people shopping for insurance with professionals selling it. The company helps millions of consumers each year find auto, home, life, long term care and health insurance quotes, while providing thousands of insurance agents with leads nationwide.

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