Health Insurance Premiums Hold Steady for Consumers Buying Health Insurance for Themselves

Contrary to Employer-based Health Insurance Plan Costs that Increased an Average of 11.2 Percent in 2004

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., October 12, 2004 — Health insurance premiums for individuals across the country are holding steady at $150 per month, reported eHealthInsurance in its semi-annual Cost and Benefits of Individual Health Insurance Plans Report, released today. The report also shows that individuals who purchase their health insurance through the individual market choose plans with a deductible under $1000 nearly 40 percent of the time.

Families who purchased health insurance through the individual market were able to effectively manage their health insurance costs, paying an average monthly premium of $307 per month. Employer-based health insurance costs were up in 2004 by 11.2 percent1, but according to eHealthInsurance premium costs in the individual market were up only 7 percent ($19 on average) for families from the last period.

“Consumers are now taking more control of their healthcare choices to manage costs,” said Gary Lauer, CEO of eHealthInsurance, the nation’s leading source of health insurance for individuals and families. “In the individual market, the majority of individuals and families are able to purchase quality health insurance at surprisingly affordable costs, while getting plans with comprehensive benefits, including prescription drugs.”

The Cost and Benefits Report presents an analysis of data from a sample of about 82,000 health insurance policies purchased nationally through from April through September 2004. The last report in the series was released in March of this year.

More information on the costs people have paid and the benefits of the plans they chose are available in The Cost and Benefits of Individual Health Insurance Report, available at

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1. Source: “Employer Health Benefits – 2004 Survey,” The Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research and Education Trust, August 2004 — pg. 16