Pool & Spa Safety

Having a swimming pool can often increase your homeowners insurance premiums.

Swimming pools are considered an attractive hazard and such as with car insurance, protecting yourself from lawsuit in case of an accident means having liability coverage. Obviously, having a swimming pool increases your chance that someone could accidentally drown or seriously injured themselves.

There are some things you can do to reduce your liability.

  • Erect a fence, at least four feet high completely around the pool. Fence gates should self-close and latch and be beyond the reach of small children
  • If your house opens to one side of your pool’s perimeter, you should make sure you have an alarm that alerts you with a sound each time the door is opened.
  • Keep the pool covered when not in use. Make sure you have safety and rescue equipment next to the pool and a phone with emergency phone numbers. Knowing CPR is also a very good idea.
  • If you have an above-ground pool, set aside the ladder or keep it locked when not in use.
  • If you have children, a pool alarm can alert you if someone falls in and can be used in conjunction with a pool cover. If a child does go missing always check the pool first.

Preventing drowning is ultimately your responsibility, so taking as many precautions to prevent them is very important. You should also know that, if someone drowns on your property, you can still be sued even if they don’t have permission to be there.

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