Home Inventory Tips

InsuranceUSA.com provides home inventory tips you need to find the best insurance protection your home while supplying some handy tips that can make you a more careful and frugal homeowner.

Home Inventory Tips

Keeping a proper inventory of your home is essential and there are many compelling reasons to maintain it properly. This is particularly important if you want to minimize your loss due to a catastrophic event. When you make a claim, the insurance company will require you to disclose what was lost as well as a description and the estimated cash value of each item.

In most cases the insurance company will also want to have supporting documents to back up your claims such as bills, invoices, and receipts.

The most thorough way to conduct a home inventory is to move from room to room. Make a list of items in each room. Open drawers, closet doors, and storage boxes in order to give you a detailed description of your items and take pictures so you have visual proof just in case your stuff is destroyed in a fire, flood, or wind-related event.

The best inventory combines information about each object includes the brand and date of purchase in addition to some kind of proof of purchase. Whenever you make changes to your home, such as in the case of renovations, you need to include any relevant additions or deletions so your inventory is thoroughly up-to-date.