Contractors & Insurance

Homeowners insurance can be tricky and there’s a risk you could paying too much for too little coverage. provides the information you need to find the best insurance protection your home while supplying some handy tips that can make you a more careful and frugal homeowner.

Contractors and Homeowners Insurance

While your homeowners policy protects you from loss or damage to your home and its contents in the event of something like fire or lightning, what if you hire a contractor to fix something and they end up causing damage to your home?

You should always make sure your homeowners policy provides liability coverage in case a contractor makes a mistake. Sometimes this is coverage has to be purchased as additional protection.

If you discover your current policy doesn’t cover contractor mistakes and accidents, you may want to consider revising your policy, especially if you’re planning on remodeling or updating your home using contracted help. You can also purchase a temporary umbrella policy but you should still make sure it covers contractor-related perils.

Before you hire a contractor, you want to ensure they are covered with their own liability insurance. The purpose of this insurance is to protect the contractor from exposure to certain liabilities such as mistakes, accidents, faulty products, and so on. Even if a contractor is covered, it may still be a good idea to make sure your policy covers contractor-related mistakes and accidents just in case they are underinsured.

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