Swimming Pools

Having a swimming pool can often increase your homeowners insurance premiums.

Swimming pools are considered an attractive hazard and such as with car insurance, protecting yourself from lawsuit in case of an accident means having liability coverage. Obviously, having a swimming pool increases your chance that someone could accidentally drown or seriously injured themselves.

When considering the liability associated with owning a swimming pool, insurance companies will account for various factors such as whether pools in your area are common, whether it has a slide and/or diving board, whether it is easily accessible and visible from the street, and more.

You should also know that, if someone drowns on your property, you can still be sued even if they didn’t have permission to be there.

Homeowners insurance can often be confusing because many homeowners don’t always fully understand how insurers determine what to charge for premiums.

Once you understand how these premiums are calculated, you can proactively work with your insurer to lower you premium. What an insurance company does when they determine your rates is assess their risk in insuring your property.

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