Open and Named Perils

If you’re looking to protect your home and belongings then is the way to go!

The two primary methods of insuring property are open perils and named perils. Open perils cover everything that can cause a loss not specifically excluded in the policy. Common exclusions might include damage resulting from earthquakes, floods, acts of terrorism or war, and more.

Named perils are causes of loss that must be specifically listed in the policy coverage. Common named perils might be fire, lightning, explosions, hurricanes, and more.

Homeowners insurance is a requirement by mortgage lenders but it is also vital to homeowners in a number of ways.

Homeowners insurance coverage protects all the structures on your property against damage and assures that you will have enough money to repair your home. If it is damaged and deemed unlivable, homeowners insurance will pay for you to rent a place or stay in a hotel while it is repaired or rebuilt.

Also, if any of your belongings are damaged or stolen, homeowners insurance personal property coverage will pay for their replacement. Finally, it covers claims lobbied against you for injuries that happen on your property.

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