Your Responsibilities as a Home Owner

Home Owner insurance is a requirement by mortgage lenders but it is also vital to homeowners in a number of ways.

Home owners insurance protects all the structures on your property against damage and assures that you will have enough money to repair your home. If it is damaged and deemed unlivable, home owners insurance will pay for you to rent a place or stay in a hotel while it is repaired or rebuilt.

Also, if any of your belongings are damaged or stolen, home owners insurance will pay for their replacement. Finally, it covers claims lobbied against you for injuries that happen on your property.

Home owner Responsibilities

Premises liability means that the homeowner is responsible for maintaining safe conditions for people entering and walking about their property.

Home owners can easily be held liable for injuries that occur on their property such as falls that occur from water, ice, and snow, changes in flooring height, insufficient lighting, or unseen hazards such as gaps or holes in the ground. That is why you want to always make sure people don’t trip, slip or fall because of a situation you could have easily fixed.

Anyone who comes onto your property can bring legal action against you if you don’t maintain safe conditions. This applies especially to people you invite where as for contracted help, you need to make sure you exercise care and don’t wantonly or willfully create a condition where by they could be injured.

With trespassers, you cannot prepare traps or pitfalls for anyone who comes onto your property without your express consent. Further, once you are aware of their presence, you must ensure you exercise caution so as not to intentionally or knowingly allow them become injured.

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