Trouble Finding Home Insurance

Trouble Finding Home Insurance

If you are having trouble finding home insurance, there are still some things you can do find coverage.

Explore Your Options

If your insurer drops your policy, don’t worry there is plenty of competition in the industry, especially if you live outside disaster-prone areas like Florida and Texas. You can use the Internet and sites like can help you find a quote often in no more time than it takes to fill out a simple form.

If you do live in a disaster-prone area, you may have to buy into your state’s homeowners’ insurance pool. This allows people to buy insurance for their home when they can’t get a policy from a private company. This is typically a solution of last resort as these policies always tend to be the most expensive.

Go Directly to the Source

You can appeal to one of the large insurance corporations like State Farm, Allstate, and Nationwide. One of their agents can assess your situation and make policy suggestions from that company. Often you will have to pay a commission from 15% to 18%. If you use an independent homeowners’ insurance agent, expect to pay commissions upwards of 20%.

You can also go to a direct agent like AIG or State Farm. Through them you can avoid commissions but usually homeowners policies sold by direct agents are scarce.

Do Some Comparison Shopping

By all means seek quotes from direct seller but consider also what smaller companies are selling in addition to the big guys. You should also look for quotes from an insurance aggregator site like

You may also wish to consult your state’s insurance commissioner to see if any complaints are lodged against a company you are considering.

Using can help you find the right home insurance policy. So, don’t delay any longer, simply enter your zip code and get started today!