For Beginners

Homeowners insurance is a requirement by mortgage lenders but it is also vital to homeowners in a number of ways.

Home insurance protects all the structures on your property against damage and assures that you will have enough money to repair your home. If it is damaged and deemed unlivable, homeowners insurance will pay for you to rent a place or stay in a hotel while it is repaired or rebuilt. Also, if any of your belongings are damaged or stolen, homeowners insurance will pay for their replacement. Finally, it covers claims lobbied against you for injuries that happen on your property is your all-in-one source for home insurance. In this section we provide valuable information for situations such as when you are having trouble finding homeowners insurance and how to file a claim.

We also tell you how much homeowners insurance is enough and your responsibilities as a homeowner for providing a safe environment for anyone who comes onto your property.

There’s valuable information for first time buyers and we explain the main differences between nonrenewal and cancellation of home insurance policies.

Using can help you find the right homeowners policy. So, don’t delay any longer, simply enter your zip code and get started today!