Affordable Health

For millions of Americans that are currently uninsured, finding affordable health insurance for you and your family may seem like an impossible task. But there are affordable health insurance choices out there! Read on to gather more information and find the best plan for your needs.


The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) provides a great place to start looking. While premiums are high, COBRA can allow you to continue your employer’s health insurance after you have finished working there or allow your children to remain on your policy.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

It’s important for you to know your rights. If you are uninsured and have endured a work-related injury, you may be eligible for Worker’s Compensation. Employers are obligated by federal law to provide compensation to any employee being treated for a work- related injury.


Many low-income families and individuals are eligible to receive Medicaid. Requirements are defined on a state-by-state basis, but more states are adding new options. If you cannot afford insurance, check your state’s Medicaid requirements to see if you or your family qualifies.


Medicare is available for individuals 65 and older. If you are approaching retirement and are exploring your options for affordable health insurance options, Medicare may be for you.

State High Risk Health Insurance Pool

If you have a pre-existing condition, have been turned down by individual insurance companies, and do not qualify COBRA, this may be an option for you.

Individual and Family Health Insurance

This is the same insurance offered by many employers, purchased directly from the company. While there may be a clause relating to pre-existing conditions and you may have to submit to a medical exam, this could be a more affordable option for you than others.

High Deductible Health Plan

High-deductible health plans help people cope with high medical bills, kicking in after your out-of-pocket deductible has been exceeded. If you can out-of-pocket for normal appointments, this low-premium plan will help should disease strike or surgery be necessary.

Short Term Health Insurance Coverage

This plan is purchased at a reduced premium for a short period of time and can save you from short gaps in your health care coverage.

Group Insurance through Organization Memberships

Some organizations may offer affordable health insurance plans to members. While they may not pay your premium, you can benefit from a group discount, which is an advantage over individual or family health insurance.

Group Health Expense Sharing plan

Through this system, people pool their money to pay each other’s medical costs, keeping pooled funds in an interest-bearing account that is only tapped for major medical expenses; the more people are in the group, the better.

Discount Medical Cards

This system allows you to pay a small monthly fee for a membership card to an insurance company. You will then get discounts for minor medical services and procedures.