Travel Health Insurance

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Travel Health Insurance
Travel health insurance is a type of protection that can be purchased to cover travel-related risks.

Such risks might include cancellations due to severe weather or terrorist attacks or emergencies and accidents that occur during your trip as well as travel delays, lost and stolen luggage, missed connections and more. Travel insurance can be purchased to cover a range of vacations and holidays from a quick 2-day domestic weekend getaway to a longer 12-month international sabbatical.

Most travelers elect to purchase a package plan since it provides a variety of coverage in a single plan. Package plans will vary in their scope. Some will have only basic coverage while other premium plans will include top-tier benefits with higher limits.

Travelers leaving their country can also purchase travel medical insurance which will provide for emergency medical treatment and assistance as well as emergency evacuations. Special types of coverage such as Evacuation Only, Flight Accident, Accidental Death, and Annual plans can also be purchased.

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